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What is the prospect of ss non woven fabric as the main source of hospital supplies? 2020-12-29
Non woven fabrics can gradually be seen everywhere in life. SS non woven fabric is made of two-layer spunbond technology. It is obviously stronger than a single layer and has a uniform appearance. It is more high-end in the scope of use. It is often used in health care, diapers, etc. in daily life.

Compared with other non woven products, ss non woven products are softer. The material he uses is polypropylene, which accounts for a low proportion. The fluffy feel is better than cotton, and it feels particularly skin-friendly. The reason why ss non woven fabric is skin-friendly is that it is relatively soft. It is composed of many fine fibers. Products made of all fine fibers have strong air permeability, which can keep the cloth surface dry and easy to clean. This is a non-irritating and non-toxic product that meets the requirements of food-grade raw materials. No chemical materials are added to the fabric, and there is no harm to the body. ss non woven fabric has unique characteristics to be antibacterial, will not produce insects, and can isolate bacteria and parasites in the existing liquid. The antibacterial feature makes the product widely used in medical and health. The non woven fabric used in the medical industry is made of some textile fibers and filaments in the web structure and fixed by thermal bonding or chemical methods. It has functional advantages over other non woven products, especially in waterproof, thermal insulation, softness, other cloths with functions such as filtering cannot surpass it.
ss non woven fabric is a high-end non woven fabric, which can be in some relatively high-demand ranges. There are many types of non-woven fabrics. Spunlace non woven fabrics are also one of them. They are sprayed on the fiber web by high-pressure water to mess up all the fibers and make the fiber web more stable. Heat-sealed non woven fabric is After adding powder to the fiber web and then melting and cooling, the fabric is more stable. In addition to the above two products, there are many types. They are used in every field according to people's needs. In comparison, medicine and health The demand is the largest.

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