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Do you know there are non woven fabrics in baby products? 2021-01-05
A huge number of babies are born every year. This means there is a huge market for moms, dads, grandparents and relatives and friends to buy baby products. This market covers everything from toys to food to baby fabrics. When you think of baby fabrics, you might think of soft, cute fabrics in various shades of pink and light blue. But did you know that babies are surrounded by a variety of soft and baby-friendly non woven materials?

Obviously, diapers are the non woven fabrics closest to the sensitive skin of babies. Advances in non-woven technology have made diapers thinner, more comfortable, and have better liquid absorption and retention capabilities. Diapers are softer and more elastic than ever before.

Wet wipes have different textures, softer textures and special sensitive cleansers, which can keep the baby's new skin fresh and smooth without severe chemical reactions.

The durable and soft non woven fabric can keep out moisture and keep the baby dry and (mostly) clean when the bib is well placed.

The baby non woven mattress protects the mattress from moisture and prevents dust mite allergens. The pad is usually waterproof and breathable.

Non woven fabrics appear in every area of the baby's room, including the padding in the soft rocker used by parents to soothe him and the support of the carpet under his little hands and feet.

It makes sense that non woven fabrics are used in many baby products. They can be made into soft skin, but they can also absorb moisture or resist moisture, keeping babies comfortable and dry. Moreover, 4 million babies come to the scene every year, so there is still a lot of room for innovation. Your non woven fabric manufacturing partner can help you propose specifications suitable for baby products.

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