Foshan Guide Textile Co., engaging in the business of non woven fabric and its related products since 2005. Up to now, we have professional elite sales team, several advanced non woven production lines with width of 1.6 M, 1.9 M, 2.1 M, 2.5 M, 3.2 M, etc. Hot-sale products are pp (polypropylene) non woven fabric, pet (polyester) non woven fabric, sms non woven fabric, elastic non woven fabric, flower wrapping material, disposable underwear, disposable bed sheet, weed control fabric, disposable table cloth, fruit protection bag. Our products are well sold both in domestic and overseas markets, widely used in areas of agriculture and gardening, medical  and hygiene, personal care and beauty, industry application, packaging and wrapping,  foundation and building, hotel and restaurant, labor protection and household, decoration, etc. We have strict quality management system, and equipped with professional non woven test. Our products can help clients pass the various international approved standards,  certificates and reports, such as SGS, MSDS, BV, CE, Nemko, TÜV Rheinland, ATC, CTI, ISO 9001/CE/FDA, HSC, EU environment-protecting standard, EDANA/INDA flushability standards and EU RoHS. We can design and produce according to customer's requirements and specifications, depending on the advanced technology and excellent management. Relying on many clients' trust, we are also offering consultant and agency services on non woven products. With the business principle of "Quality First, Reputation Builds Future", we keep on diligently and excelsior working, to improve marketing competitive abilities, and finally accomplish company goal.
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GUIDE brings you the good quality non woven fabric and product. Well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Guangdong Province.
We have vast expertise in the development and manufacturing of specialty non woven materials for diverse applications. 
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Do you know the application of wood pulp composite spunlace non-woven fabric in medical field?
Apr 20,2021 Do you know the application of wood pulp composite spunlace non-woven fabric in medical field?
Non-woven material is a new type of flexible material formed by processing high molecular polymers and fibrous aggregates through physical or chemical methods. It combines the advantages of the four flexible materials of textile, paper, plastic and leather. Spunlace non-woven materials are one of the non-woven materials with high technical content and good product style, and are highly praised by consumers. It has a development history of nearly 20 years in my country, ranging from ordinary non-woven materials to various functional non-woven materials. The materials have been developed and applied to a certain extent. The spunlace composite technology is a major innovation to the traditional spunlace technology. The spunlace composite technology enriches the performance and functions of sp...
  • Apr 13,2021 Several factors that need to be considered when choosing medical non-woven fabrics
    In daily life, non-woven fabrics are not only used to make clothing linings and packaging materials. In many cases, non-woven fabrics are often used to process medical and sanitary materials. Nowadays, non-woven fabrics are used as sterilization packaging materials. The medical industry has been more and more widely used. Since it is used in the production and processing of medical sanitary materials, there must be high quality requirements. In addition, factors that need to be considered and understood when choosing medical non-woven fabrics cannot be ignored. Several factors that need to be considered when choosing medical non-woven fabrics: 1. An effective microbial barrier provides long-term aseptic effectiveness. In China, Staphylococcus aureus droplets are commonly used for wetness t...
  • Apr 06,2021 How to preserve the meltblown non-woven fabric to ensure the best filtration efficiency?
    Melt-blown non-woven fabric is the core filter material of masks, which is mainly determined by the filtering mechanism of the melt-blown filter material, which is mainly divided into mechanical barrier and electrostatic adsorption. 1. Mechanical barrier Mechanical barrier has the following situations: a. Droplets with a particle size greater than 5um in the air can be blocked by the filter material. b. When the diameter of the dust is less than 3um, the dust will be mechanically intercepted by the curved pore fiber layer in the filter material of the mask. c. When the particle size and air velocity are both large, the particles will be captured due to inertia collision with the fiber. When the particle is small and the flow velocity is low, the particles will be captured by impacting on t...
  • Mar 30,2021 What are the advantages of hot-rolled non-woven fabrics?
    The advantages and main uses of hot-rolled non-woven fabrics. The hot-rolled non-woven fabrics (calendar bonded) are made of high-quality ES composite fibers, which are mechanically carded into a web, and then a pair of hot rolls are used to heat the web, which is composed of two roll jaws. The hot-rolled bonding zone heats and presses the fed fiber web, and the thickness and density of the fiber web change, which changes the thermal conductivity, which causes some fibers in the web to melt, flow and diffuse, thereby resulting in bonding, which is reinforced after cooling. The fiber web is hot-rolled non-woven fabric. Six advantages of hot-rolled non-woven fabrics: 1. Lightweight: Polypropylene resin is used as the main raw material for production, with a specific gravity of only 0.9, whic...
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