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Compare non woven shoe cover and plastic shoe cover, which is better? 2023-04-10

Non woven shoe cover is a new type of environmental protection materials, favored by households, non woven shoe cover itself has the function of anti-static, non woven printed shoe cover, but also non-slip, strong practicality, beautiful and elegant, can be printed company logo, to achieve a good transmission effect. Plastic shoe cover production process is simple, the demand is also large, mostly used for food processing, or general protection environment. Below to understand the characteristics of non woven shoe cover.


First, the advantages and disadvantages of non woven shoe covers




1. Ventilation

2. filter

3. insulation

4. Water absorption

5. waterproof

6. Scalability

7. No clutter

8. feel good, soft

9. Lightness

10. It is resilient and recoverable

11. there is no fabric direction

12. Compared with textile cloth, high productivity and fast production speed

13. Low price, mass production and so on

14. the size is fixed, not easy to deformation




1, compared with textile cloth strength and durability is poor.

2, can not be cleaned like other fabrics.

3, the fibers are arranged in a fixed direction, so it is easy to split from the right direction and so on. Therefore, the improvement of production methods is mainly focused on the improvement of preventing fragmentation.


Second, non woven shoe cover is better or plastic shoe cover


It's best to check the fit. Plastic shoe covers are waterproof but easy to slip and not suitable for the elderly in the family.

And medical non woven shoe cover can be used repeatedly, low carbon environmental protection, elastic cloth is not easy to drop.


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