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What is ES non woven fabric | 2020-12-22

ES fiber, which is the raw material of ES non woven fabric, is the abbreviation of "Ethylene-Propylene Side By Side" in English. As a new type of thermally bonded composite fiber, ES fiber has received high evaluation in the world.  

After the ES fiber is heat-treated, the fiber and the fiber are connected to each other to form a non woven fabric without binder. Choose different heat treatment methods to obtain non woven fabrics with different effects. The ES fiber series has a wide range of processing suitability, and all existing major non woven fabric processing methods can use ES fiber. For example: hot rolling (CALENDER), hot air (THROUGH-AIR), acupuncture (NEEDLE PUNCH), WET LAID, AIR-LAID, SPUNLACE.  

The fiber is a two-component skin-core composite fiber with a low melting point and good flexibility of the skin layer structure, while the core layer structure has a high melting point and high strength. After this kind of fiber is heat-treated, part of the skin layer is melted to play a bonding role, and the rest remains in the fiber state, and at the same time has the characteristics of low thermal shrinkage. The fiber is particularly suitable for the production of sanitary materials, warm-keeping fillers, filter materials and other products in the hot air penetration process.

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