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Does PP non woven fabric used in agriculture need anti-aging? 2020-12-15

The combination of non woven technology and agricultural technology has produced agricultural non woven fabrics. One of the more commonly used agricultural non woven fabrics is PP non woven fabric. This non woven fabric is widely used in fruit bagging, agricultural covering materials, plant growth substrate materials, greenhouse materials and soil and water conservation materials in agricultural production at home and abroad. Because this kind of PP non woven fabric product can withstand long-term sunlight, if it does not pass the anti-aging treatment, it will suffer crushing damage and loss of use value within one or two months, causing great losses to farmers. This is due to the structural characteristics of PP itself, it is easily affected by heat, oxygen, light, environmental climate and other factors and aging degradation during processing and use, resulting in a greatly shortened product life. Especially when PP non woven products are used outdoors, because the material itself is thin, the aging speed is faster under the influence of various aging factors. Therefore, improving the weather resistance and durability of outdoor PP non woven fabrics has important economic and social significance.

In the cultivation of urban green space, the non woven fabric with environmental protection function is harmless to the environment. The effective method of plants has changed the traditional lawn planting, protection, irrigation, and heat preservation effects. It can make the yellow and dormant grass flourish and facilitate construction. , Transportation, maintenance, reduce labor intensity, improve efficiency, highlight lawn and aesthetic effects. When transplanting trees and shrubs covered by soil balls and plastic film, it has the characteristics of windproof, heat preservation, moisture retention, air permeability, water permeability, convenient construction and maintenance, beautiful and practical, and reusable. In addition, the slope protection and greening on both sides of roads and railways, mountain rock spraying and planting grass and other projects, bare site coverage (to prevent dust) needs to be used.

In the anti-aging aspect of PP non woven fabrics, it is mainly to add weather resistance in the production of masterbatch. At present, the weather-resistant non-woven fabrics used in the modified additive system on the market and most of the products provided by foreign companies, but because of this product The high price of the non-woven fabric has increased the cost of the enterprise. The domestic anti-aging non woven fabric manufacturers are mainly export-oriented, which undoubtedly hinders the rapid development of my country's weather-resistant non-woven fabric industry. According to the requirements of PP non woven fabric production technology and outdoor use and development, the agricultural non woven fabric weather resistance masterbatch has excellent process stability, excellent long-term thermal stability, high efficiency light stability and weather resistance, and oxygen can be significantly Extending the service life of this kind of non-woven products has a high cost-effective advantage compared with similar imported masterbatches from abroad.

In addition, PP non woven fabrics are widely used in outdoor products such as sun hats, parasols, outdoor billboards, tents, outdoor backpacks, outdoor sportswear, and automobile outdoor dust covers, and they also need anti-aging functions.

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