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What are the characteristics of hydrophilic non woven fabrics? 2020-11-10

Hydrophilic non woven fabric is one of the non woven products, mainly used in the production of medical and health materials. So what are the characteristics of hydrophilic non woven fabrics in the use process?

The hydrophilic non woven fabric is the opposite of the water-repellent non woven fabric. It is to add a hydrophilic agent in the production process of the non woven fabric, or add a hydrophilic agent to the fiber during the fiber production process, and then produce it.

The purpose of adding the hydrophilic agent is: the fiber or non woven fabric is a high molecular polymer, and its own hydrophilic groups are few, or there is no hydrophilic group, which cannot achieve the hydrophilic properties required in the application of non woven fabrics, so it is added Hydrophilic agent.

The characteristic of the hydrophilic non woven fabric is that the non woven fabric has a certain ability to absorb water. In applications, such as medical products and sanitary care products, the hydrophilic function of the hydrophilic non woven fabric can quickly transmit liquid to the absorbent core. The hydrophilic non woven fabric it self has poor absorption performance, and the general moisture regain Around 0.4%.

Our hydrophilic non woven fabric also has the characteristics of good hydrophilic effect, non-reverse osmosis, and can be hydrophilic for many times. At the same time, it can also provide customized services for product specifications and door widths according to customer needs.

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