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Do you know the application of composite nonwovens in the medical field? 2020-11-17

Medical composite nonwoven materials are an important branch of industrial textiles, which are composed of multiple fiber layers of different types of polymers, fibers or textile components. Such products mainly include:

(1) Personal health care/hygiene products, such as surgical gowns, masks, and surgical bedding;

(2) Non-implantable medical dressings, including wound dressings and bandages;

(3) Implantable medical products, including stents for tissue regeneration and structural correction.

Surgical gowns, protective clothing

The recent epidemic of new coronary pneumonia (COVID-19), Middle East respiratory disease (MERS), severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), AIDS (AIDS) and other infectious diseases shows that safe and effective protective surgical clothing can protect medical staff from blood Invasion of original pathogens. A key element of protective surgical clothing is the ability to block the transfer of microorganisms from the non-sterile side of the fabric to the sterile side. Microorganisms and pathogens can be carried through the fabric by dust particles or liquids (such as blood, sweat, etc.). Spunbond-meltblown-spunbond (SMS), hydroentangled, three-layer or two-component fiber webs are usually used to block liquid penetration with or without chemical finishing agents. Disposable SMS fabrics are formed by sandwiching an inner thermoplastic meltblown microfiber web between two outer continuous thermoplastic spunbond filament nonwoven webs, where the spunbond layer provides strength and dimensional stability, while the meltblown layer provides Barrier performance. The research results show that polypropylene SMS protective clothing (for example, 97-100% polypropylene, SMS composite non-woven fabric) can provide maximum protection against blood penetration and microbial penetration, while pure cotton woven and reusable surgery The service provides minimal protection.

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