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Do you know antistatic non woven fabrics? 2020-11-03

As the application of non woven fabrics becomes more and more widespread, in some special scenarios, non woven fabrics are required to have antistatic properties. At this time, we need to perform special treatment on non woven fabrics to obtain anti-static non woven fabrics. Meet the needs of use. At present, the most common way is to add antistatic masterbatch or antistatic oil in the production process to realize the production of antistatic non woven fabrics. The antistatic oil agent plays a very important role in the production, processing and use of non woven textiles. It can prevent the generation and accumulation of static electricity and prevent the friction between non woven products from generating charges. For some precision electronics The components play a protective role.

Non woven fabric antistatic is to balance the anion and cation first. Antistatic agents are divided into cationic, anionic, nonionic and amphoteric types. Among them, the anionic has good stability and is often used in the production and processing of non woven products. In the process. Generally, the specific resistance of the non woven fabric is more than 1013Ω cm, and the non woven fabric can reach the antistatic level after antistatic treatment.

Textiles will generate electric charges when they are rubbed. The electrostatic charges must be quickly leaked to avoid the harm caused by static electricity. Therefore, antistatic non woven fabrics are used to effectively prevent the electrostatic effect, reduce the disasters caused by static electricity, and reduce the impact of static electricity on electronics. The hazards of components and integrated circuits.

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