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How to use masks reasonably and correctly? 2020-03-31

Masks are an important line of defense for the prevention of new types of coronavirus pneumonia. Under the current shortage of protective materials, according to the opinions of the National Health and Medical Commission and relevant experts, we propose to everyone "rational protection and try to save" the use of disposable face masks.

1. Ordinary villagers can choose not to wear a disposable face mask when they are in outdoor ventilation places such as parks, communities, and streets, or when they keep a distance of more than 2 meters from other people.

2. Ordinary villagers' family members are in a healthy state. They can choose not to wear a disposable face mask when they are at home or driving.

3. When the staff is in a well-ventilated office, they can choose not to wear a disposable face mask.

4. Children can choose to wear children's special protective masks. If they feel uncomfortable during wearing the masks, they should be adjusted or stopped in time.

5. Passengers, sanitation workers, service personnel in public places, courier, etc. must wear disposable medical masks while they are on duty.

6. When entering a crowded or closed public place, you need to wear a mask. Disposable medical masks can be used.

7. N95 and above medical protective masks are mainly used by medical personnel, etc. The ordinary people do not need such a high level of protection. Village friends can donate medical protective masks at home to frontline medical staff.

8. Disposable masks must not be littered. The masks used by ordinary people can be folded, tied and bagged, and then put into a collection container for discarded masks. If there is no special collection container for discarded masks nearby, it can also be folded, tied and bagged, and then directly put into the domestic garbage collection container and wash your hands in time.

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