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What is the difference between non woven masks and medical masks? 2020-04-07
Non woven masks are only dust-proof, and they have no anti-virus capabilities, so wearing non woven masks cannot prevent viruses. If you want to prevent the virus, you still need to wear a disposable medical mask, which can help people prevent 70% of the virus. It is recommended that if people can buy disposable medical masks, try to buy medical masks, rather than choosing non woven masks.

Now let's take a look at the difference between non woven masks and medical masks.

1. Function

Non woven masks are mainly used to filter dust, gas and droplets, while medical masks can filter viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. The latter is more resistant to viruses, and the former has no effect on the resistance of new coronaviruses.

2. Price

Non woven masks are cheaper than medical masks, because their raw materials are different, so the price will be different.

3. User group

Non woven masks are used more often in the workshop. Ordinary people buy them when they are not resistant to the virus. The people who use medical masks are mainly medical personnel (normally).
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