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How to use non woven fabrics in diaper sanitary napkins? 2020-03-24
Due to different manufacturing methods and raw materials, the types of non woven fabrics used in diapers and sanitary napkinsare also particular.

The surface layer directly contacts the human body and is more intuitive. Therefore, thematerial used for the surface layer is more particular, not only needs to be soft,comfortable, and safe, but also needs to be beautiful now.

We are the leader in the field of non woven embossing and embossing, and one of thelargest manufacturers of non woven embossing and embossing in China. As of 2018, theannual output of perforatedembossed non woven fabricsis 12,000 tons, and all non wovenfabrics come from self-invested non woven production lines. Among them, there are 2spunbond SSS lines, 2 hot air lines, and 40 embossed perforation lines. There are severalself-developed composite elastic nonwoven production lines. The nonwoven products are widely used inbaby diapers,women's hygieneandadult diaperproducts. 

Over the past few decades, China ’s nonwovens consumer market has undergone tremendouschanges. The product has been continuously innovated and its application areas have beencontinuously expanded. In addition, from the perspective of current developments, manyproduct areas, whether in terms of product penetration or product upgrades, still exist.There is a lot of room for development, and the future can be expected.
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