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Full Analysis of SMS Composite Non woven Fabric 2020-05-26
S-spunbond, M-meltblown, SMS is both spunbond + meltblown + spunbond

Raw material: 100% PP new material process:SMMSone-step method

Dot pattern: sesame embossing

Weight: According to customer needs

Width: 3.2 meters maximum width

Color: According to customer requirements or provide color samples and can achieve dual-color processing on both sides: general resistance / strong resistance / third resistance /oil resistance; high filterability; high permeability; high hydrostatic pressure; high-performance post-processing, soft, super soft , hydrophilic functional products.

1. Thin SMS non woven products  are especially suitable for the sanitary market because oftheir waterproof and breathable properties, such as anti-side leakage and backing forsanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diapers, and adult incontinence diapers.

2. Medium-thickness SMS products, suitable for medical use, making surgical gowns, surgicalwraps, surgical covers, sterilizing bandages, wound stickers, plaster stickers, etc., alsosuitable for industry, used to make work clothes, protective clothes, etc. SMS products aremore suitable as materials for high-qualitymedical protective productsbecause of theirgood isolation performance, especially the SMS products that have been treated with threeantibodies and antistatic treatment, and have been widely used in the world.

3. Thick SMS products are widely used as high-efficiency filtering materials for variousgases and liquids, and are also excellent high-efficiency oil-absorbing materials. They areused in industrial wastewater degreasing, marine oil pollution cleaning and industrialrags.

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