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Describe the main factors that affect the performance of hot air nonwovens 2020-05-19
We are still very concerned about the performance of non-woven fabrics. There are many factors that affect the performance of non-woven fabrics. So what kind of factors generally affect the performance of non-woven fabrics?

In the process of hot air bonding of hot air non-woven fabric, the hot carrier is hot air. As the hot air penetrates the fiber web, the heat is transferred to the fiber, causing it to melt and bond. Therefore, the temperature, pressure, fiber heating time and cooling rate of hot air will directly affect the performance and quality of the product. As the temperature of the hot air increases, the strength of the product in both the vertical and horizontal directions increases, but the softness of the product decreases and the hand feels harder. Hot air pressure is an important parameter that affects hot air adhesive products. Generally, with the increase of the weight and thickness of the fiber web, the pressure should be increased accordingly, so that the hot air can smoothly pass through the fiber web, but before the fiber web is bonded, the high pressure will destroy its original structure, causing the fiber web to fail. uniform. The heating time of the web depends on the production speed. In order to ensure that the fiber is fully melted, there must be sufficient heating time. In production, when changing the production speed, the temperature and pressure of the hot air must be increased accordingly to ensure the stability of the product. Through the above introduction to hot air non-woven fabrics, I hope to expand your horizons,

The above are the main factors that affect the performance of thehot air non-woven fabricthat we introduce to you. I hope that the knowledge we introduce is helpful to you. The quality of the hot air non-woven fabric produced by our company is very good, and the price is also favorable, if you have needs in this regard, you can contact us, welcome new and old customers to come to buy.

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