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Which temperature can bear in different types of non-woven fabrics? 2022-06-23
Non-woven fabric can be used in various industries. It is a degradable material. It is also characterized by environmental protection, hygiene and comfort. Its bearing capacity is also relatively strong, so how much temperature can it bear?
1. The temperature that flame retardant non-woven fabrics can withstand is higher. Generally, a cigarette butt will not make a hole when it touches any place.
2. For other materials of non-woven, like the PE+PET non-woven fabric, PP non woven fabric,PET non-woven fabric…… the melting point is related to the non-woven material:

(1) PE: 110-130℃
(2) PP: 160-170℃
(3) PET: 250-260℃

Therefore, although non-woven fabrics of different materials can withstand different temperatures, we can see from the text that it can withstand relatively high temperatures, but it does not mean that it can be used in a high temperature environment for a long time.

PP non woven fabric

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