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How to improve the breathability of this non woven fabric? 2022-06-16

Non woven fabrics are made of polyester fibers and other materials. It can be used in different industries, such as sound insulation, heat insulation, heating sheets and masks and other materials.

Non woven fabrics are not only cheap, easy to decompose, but also recyclable, so they are widely used in the market. With the development of industry, there are more and more types of it, and the scope of application is also wider and wider. Like the PP non woven fabric, spunlace non woven fabric, meltblown non woven fabric and so on. In the prior art, non wovens are usually designed as a single layer. Although breathable, the structure is single, resulting in non-woven fabrics with poor strength, thereby reducing the quality of the entire fabric. Nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for its utilization, but the non-woven fabrics currently on the market obviously cannot meet people's needs. The air permeability of a non-woven fabric is the amount of air required to pass through the non-woven fabric per unit time under a certain area and pressure. Now the unit is mainly L/m2s. We can measure its air permeability with the help of more professional instruments to develop and produce It can be used to measure the air permeability of non woven fabrics. By analyzing the data obtained after the test, you can have a general understanding of the air permeability.

PP non woven fabric

The structure of the non-woven fabric is porous. Relevant studies have shown that the pore size is closely related to the breathable function of the fabric. Generally speaking, the larger the average pore size of similar fabrics, the better the air permeability. Different types of fabrics have significant differences in pore size and breathability. Due to the difference in fiber raw material, yarn density, fabric structure, fabric warp and weft density and fabric thickness, the air permeability of similar fabrics is also very different.

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