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What specific functions do nonwoven fabrics for mattresses need to have? 2020-07-13

Nowadays, the disposable mattresses and sheets we often see are mostly made of nonwoven fabrics. So what specific functions and attributes do nonwoven fabrics used for making mattresses have? Next, we will introduce it.

First of all, the nonwoven fabric for making disposable mattresses must have good air permeability and stretchability. Because most disposable mattresses are generally used in hospitals or physiotherapy institutions, it is necessary to ensure patient comfort and breathability.

Secondly, the nonwoven fabric used to make the disposable mattress must be hydrophilic, that is, absorbent, because when the person lying on the mattress sweats, it must ensure that the sweat is fully absorbed, so the hygroscopic is also an essential performance.

Third, the nonwoven fabric used to make disposable mattresses must have good thermal insulation and energy absorption, and can be mass-produced, and the output cost must be controlled. Because the products produced are generally disposable, the average customer price will be lower.

The above is a summary of the specific functions required for nonwoven fabrics for mattresses. I hope you will have a better understanding of nonwoven fabrics.

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