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What role does geotextile play in engineering and selection? 2023-03-15

Do you know the application of geotextile in highway engineering?

In the highway project foundation foundation is not good, need to strengthen, prevent the foundation sinking, soil loss. Choose geotextile and geogrille collocation, with national standard short fiber geotextiles 400g - 500g, or the use of filament geotextiles 300g - 400g, it can enhance the fastness, prolong the service life of the role. The gram weight of geotextile per square meter of weight, so the geotextile according to the gram weight to calculate, if the road maintenance is 150 grams - 200 grams of short fiber geotextile. The cost of black geotextile is lower, but it can only be used once, and the national standard can be reused. The geotextile paving on the road can reduce the peeling damage of asphalt layer in reflection cracking and prolong the service life. Slope care, choose 300 grams - 400 grams of short fiber geotextile, to prevent the slope soil loss sliding role. Highway middle green belt needs to choose composite impervious geotextile, with 400 grams - 500 grams is good, can improve the survival rate of planting flowers, prevent water loss. The above is the application of geotextiles in highway engineering and the selection of geotextiles.

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