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Did you know that geotextile cover acts as a moisturizing and curing agent? 2023-02-28

Geotextile is a kind of geotechnical material widely used in civil engineering, its main function is to reinforce, distribute load, prevent soil erosion and penetration.

In the aspect of thermal insulation and moisturizing maintenance, Non Woven Felt Geotextile also has its unique application value.

In the process of land consolidation, improper plant cover or tillage will easily lead to soil surface loss, which will also have a certain impact on the evaporation of water in the soil, making the problem of land loss and water loss increasingly prominent. At this time, using geotextiles to cover moisture conservation can effectively slow soil loss and water evaporation, reduce the risk of land loss, help to improve soil moisture retention and fertility, and improve soil quality.

Nonwoven geotextile fabric

In the construction process, Geotextile Non Woven Material can be used as a covering material to cover the surface of planting bed, drying base or composting yard. The covering surface can reduce the evaporation of water and maintain the balanced distribution of water, which is conducive to the distribution and uniformity of growing substances and improve the effect of planting, drying and composting. Geotextile plays the role of heat preservation and moisture in the early growth stage of plants, which can improve the survival rate and growth rate of plants.

In short, in the aspect of covering moisture and maintenance, geotextile can effectively protect land, reduce the risk of land loss, improve soil moisture retention ability and fertility, improve soil quality, and also help to improve the growth rate and survival rate of plants.

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