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Towels or face towels, which is hygienic? 2021-12-15
Towels or face towels, which is hygienic? Don’t you know? Is it really necessary to use disposable face towels?

When talking about the need for a face wash, let’s take a look at other ways to wash the face.

How about washing your face with a towel? not suggested. why?
Because washing your face with a towel will have the following problems:
1. Towels are easy to breed bacteria and mites.
2. Towels are troublesome to clean and dry.
3. The rough texture of the towel after long-term use is easy to rub and damage the skin.

How about using your face to wash your face? Not recommended. why?
Rubbing the face with the face flap will make the skin rougher and rougher.
The face wash is usually made of sponge, which is also easy to hide dirt and is very unclean.

How about using a cotton pad to wash your face? Not recommended. why?
Because the cotton pad is very small, you have to wipe it off several times, which is troublesome.
The texture of the cotton pad is relatively rough, and it is easy to fall off! The experience is not good.

How about using a wet facial tissue to wipe your face? Not recommended. why?
Many tissues more or less contain migrating fluorescent whitening agents, which are not good for the skin.
Paper towels have a relatively rough skin feel and drop tiny confetti, which can also harm the skin.

Hand wash directly and air dry? Not recommended. why?
It is not hygienic to wash directly by hand, and it is not easy to clean it.
If it is air-dried naturally, the skin is prone to become dry, wrinkled, and rough.

How about using a face towel to wash your face? It is recommended. why?
1. Simple and clean: one piece at a time, clean and hygienic, no need to worry about bacteria, mites, dust and other issues, simple and easy, throw away when you use up.
2. Will not harden: The face towel will not be like a towel, because it will become rough after long-term use and will easily cause friction on the skin.
3. There are many uses: the face towel can not only wash your face, but also can be used to remove makeup, make wet wipes, make facial mask paper, and use it as a rag to clean the tabletop, wipe shoes, etc.

Therefore, disposable face towels are of course a good choice, which is why face towels are becoming more and more popular.
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