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Do you know the SMS non woven fabric usage? 2021-12-24

In the basic protection and medical work environment, there are risks of germs, harmful ultrafine dust, acid solutions, salt solutions, and corrosive chemicals. For these risks, protective clothing is needed to protect the entire body of the staff. What are the characteristics of protective clothing? What non-woven fabric is made of protective clothing?

Protective clothing is required to effectively block the entry of dust and solid particles in the operating environment. Wear comfortable and breathable, and not easy to fall out of dust. It has strong protection and can block slight splashes in low-risk areas.

The fabric selected for this protective clothing is SMS non woven fabric. The structural characteristics of the ultra-fine meltblown fiber layer and the high-strength spunbond non-woven fabric layer in the structure of the SMS material make the material have a certain degree of hydrostatic pressure resistance and air permeability. These properties form the basic isolation performance of the SMS material.

SMS non woven fabric

In addition, SMS non woven fabrics also have barrier properties and are used in various protective clothing products, including high- and low-end medical protective clothing, industrial protective clothing, chemical protective clothing, etc. Three-layer composite non-woven fabric, with a waterproof anti-bacterial layer in the middle, and a sesame dot SMS non woven fabric on the outer layer, which is strong and tensile, with isolation, waterproof and breathable functions. Generally used, the weight is 35-60 gsm. SMS non woven fabrics are used in surgical gowns, surgical hole towels, isolation gowns, laboratory gowns, operating gowns, etc.

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