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​Do you know what the non woven fabrics for mattresses need? 2020-02-12
Nowadays, we often seesingle-use bed sheetmade of non woven fabrics. So what specific functions and attributes are needed to make a non woven for bed sheet? Let's introduce it well.

First, non woven fabrics for disposable bed sheet must have good breathability and stretchability. Because disposablebed sheetare mostly used in hospitals or physiotherapy institutions, patient comfort and breathability must be ensured.

Secondly, the non woven fabric used for makingdisposable bed sheetmust be hydrophilic, that is, absorbent, because when the person lying on the mattress sweats, to ensure that the sweat is fully absorbed, it is hydrophilic. Sex is also an essential performance.

Third, non woven fabrics for disposable bed sheet must have good thermal insulation and energy absorption, and they can be mass-produced, and the cost of production must be controlled. Because the products produced are generally disposable, ordinary customers The unit price will be lower.

The above is a detailed explanation of the specific functions thatnon woven fabrics for bed sheetneed. We hope that you will have a better understanding of non woven fabric-related products.

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