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Do you know elastic non woven fabric? 2020-02-10
Elastic non woven fabric——Anelastic non woven fabricmade by a spunbond process using an elastic resin and introducing additives with different functional properties.

This product has excellent elasticity and recovery, excellent hand feel, comfortable skin-friendly, and good drape.

At present, our company's elastic cloth can be divided into five series: micro-elastic, low-elastic, medium-elastic, high-elastic, super-elastic. In addition, our company developed CD unidirectional elastic fabric and MD unidirectional elastic fabric for market demand, which can be used inmask ear hooks,diaper waist circumference,diaper waist stickers,medical bandagesand other products that need to use elastic objects. The elastic mask non-woven fabric provided by our company with its excellent high resilience and stretchability can accurately fit the entire face without gaps, penetrate deep into the skin grooves, and easily infiltrate the high-concentration nutrition essence layer into the muscle floor.

The above is a detailed explanation of the specific functions that elastic non woven fabric need. We hope that you will have a better understanding of non woven fabric-related products.

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