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Which is better, KN95 mask or medical surgical mask? 2021-07-06

This depends on whether KN95 is a medical mask. KN95 masks are medical grade, industrial grade, etc. Ordinary masks are also divided into medical grade and non-medical grade. In terms of protective effects: medical grade KN95> industrial grade KN95> medical grade ordinary masks> non-medical grade ordinary masks.

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Different mask analogs correspond to different implementation standards. For example, KN95 non-medical implementation is GB2626-2019. If it is dust-proof and has anti-particle capabilities in the industry, the salt particle filtration test of KN95 masks should reach 95% or more. As for medical surgical masks, they are mainly used by medical staff. They are mainly used to filter bacteria. Therefore, the standard YY0469-2011 is implemented. The requirement for particulate filtration is greater than 30%, but the bacteria filtration must reach 95%. .

Therefore, KN95 masks and medical surgical masks are masks for different purposes. You should choose the corresponding masks according to specific usage scenarios. In addition, the protection of medical KN95 masks is relatively good, but the respiratory resistance is relatively large. Under normal circumstances, this non-medical staff is a disposable medical protective mask that is more appropriate.

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