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What kind of disposable underwear is suitable for girls? 2021-11-23
Now more and more girls like to wear disposable underwear when they travel on business, and even some pregnant sisters will prepare disposable underwear to wear during childbirth and confinement. However, the disposable underwear on the market is mixed, and the quality is uneven. Girls wearing airtight and unhygienic disposable underwear can easily cause gynecological diseases. So how should girls choose disposable underwear?

Selection criteria:

Fabric: Choose pure cotton fabric with good air permeability and high softness. Disposable underwear with non-woven fabric has poor air permeability and moisture absorption, and it is easy to breed bacteria after wearing it for a long time.

Elasticity: Choose disposable underwear with moderate elasticity and good resilience to avoid the underwear from being too tight and airtight or loose and leaking.

Packaging: Choose regular brand disposable underwear with sterile packaging to ensure the quality and hygiene of the disposable underwear

When girls wear disposable underwear, they must change it once a day. They cannot be worn again. After all, nonwoven underwear is only a disposable item, and the hygiene level after washing or re-wearing cannot be guaranteed. Moreover, it should not be worn for too long. It can be worn occasionally. The fabric and breathability are still not as good as the underwear that is worn daily. If it is not a special period, I suggest you wear your daily underwear!

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