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What are the main applications of polyester non-woven fabrics? 2021-03-16
Polyester non-woven fabric is a kind of non-woven fabric, available in all walks of life. To talk about the usability of polyester non-woven fabrics, otherwise there will not be so many users choosing it to use it. Here are some applications of polyester non-woven fabrics to share with you as follows:

1. Drain board:
It can be used to make the filter membrane of the drainage board for soft foundation treatment. It has the characteristics of high permeability coefficient, high tensile and compressive strength, and strong soil insulation performance.

2. Covering cloth:
The material that can be used for house covering cloth and liner has the advantages of air permeability, moisture resistance, long service life and energy saving. It can play the role of wind, prying, mildew, heat preservation, etc., creating a drier, healthy, and environmentally friendly living space.

3. Filter material:
Polyester non-woven fabric can be used for gas and liquid filtering materials. Because the fiber fineness can reach 0.75d, it can achieve more uniform fiber distribution and better filtering effect.

4. Cable wrap:
It can be used as a cable coating material, with the advantages of high temperature resistance, long life, and aging resistance, and has become a conventional coating material in the world's cable industry.

5. Waterproof membrane:
It can be used to make base tires of high-grade waterproof membranes such as sbs and app. It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, good elongation performance, excellent thermal stability, strong puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance.

6. Car interior:
Because polyester non-woven fabrics are environmentally friendly and pollution-free, they are widely used in the production of car tufted carpets and other interior decorations, making the car interior decoration more beautiful and comfortable.

7. Packing materials:
It has the characteristics of strong vertical and horizontal strength, and can be used for composite cement bags, materials for luggage, various packaging substrates, etc.

Polyester non-woven fabrics are mainly used in these fields, and they are inseparable in these fields. We need the correct way to operate and use polyester non-woven fabrics.
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