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Under the epidemic, what should we pay attention to when using non woven wipes? 2020-03-05

Nowadays, the wet wipes we use are almost made of non woven fabrics. If we take a closer look at the packaging on the wet wipes, we know that although thewet wipesbring convenience in daily life, we hope everyone pays attention when using:

1.Cannot replace hand washing

Using wet wipes does not mean washing your hands. No matter how many times you wipe your hands with a wet disposable towel, you can't remove the bacteria on the skin surface. Wash your hands with soap and add flowing water to make them clean.

2.Cannot be reused

When non woven wipes are reused, instead of removing bacteria, they will transfer some surviving bacteria to an uncontaminated surface. Replace a new tissue with each new surface, and never use it to wipe sensitive areas such as the eyes.

3. Choose no added wipes when buying

Wet paper towels contain a large amount of liquid, which is easy to breed bacteria. This requires relatively strict production processes. At regular manufacturers, workers must ozone disinfect the air in the workshop every day to ensure that the wipes are not exposed to air during production Bacterial contamination, try to choose natural wet wipes with no added chemical agents and natural antibacterial properties when purchasing. Try to choose a wetnon woven towel with an independent small package for each piece. If you choose a removable wet paper towel, it should be sealed after each use and used up as soon as possible.

4.Select fragrance-free type

The scent that is usually smelled is produced by adding fragrances. Choosing a non-scented non woven wipes means that you can contact fewer additives.

5. After use, do not throw it directly into the toilet, so as not to block the toilet.

6, if the skin appears redness, pain and other phenomena, prohibit use and seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

7, after using the non woven wipes, please do a good job of sealing, so as not to cause water loss, put a sealing sticker, keep the wipes moist.

8. Wet wipes cannot be used to wipe sensitive areas such as eyes. Do not allow the wipes to come into contact with your mouth.

The use of non woven wet wipes can bring quick and convenient use to everyone, but there may be some hidden dangers, but as long as you pay more attention to it, use it properly, and do n’t throw it away. Basically, there is no problem in normal use of wet wipes.

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