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Five important considerations when choosing medical nonwovens 2020-05-05
With the deepening understanding of medical packaging materialsin the industry, non woven fabrics have been used more and more as sterilizing packaging materials. The technical considerations behind the selection of a packaging material are many. Here are five important factors to share with you.

1. Effective microbial barrier provides long-term sterility effectiveness. Staphylococcus aureus droplets are commonly used in China for the wetness test, and the quartz powder mixed with the spores of B. spp. Foreign testing institutions such as the Nelson laboratory in the United States and ISEGA in Europe use the aerosol method for testing. The aerosol method takes into account the kinetic energy factor, which poses a higher challenge to the inspection of the sterility and effectiveness of packaging materials.

2. Effective penetration of sterilization factors ensures the thoroughness of sterilization. Barrier and penetration are contradictory, however, good barrier should not hinder the effective penetration of sterilization factors. Because no complete sterilization can be done, keeping the surgical instruments sterile afterwards becomes a rootless tree.

3. Good flexibility, taking into account the convenience of use. Some brands of non woven fabrics add plant fibers to improve the feel, but it is worth noting that this non woven fabric may not be suitable for plasma sterilization. Plant fibers will adsorb hydrogen peroxide and cause sterilization failure, and residual hydrogen peroxide may also cause burns and other occupational injuries.

4. Non-toxic and harmless, no residue of sterilization factors, it provides safety guarantee for both doctors and patients. This includes both that the packaging material itself is not irritating and that it does not absorb sterilization factors. For low-temperature sterilization, the sterilizing agent is toxic, so it is required that the packaging material should not have a large amount of residual sterilizing agent.

5. The excellent mechanical strength allows the surgical bag to be transported safely. Thesterilization packagewill face various external force challenges during transportation, which requires medical packaging materials to have certain tensile strength, tear strength, burst strength and wear resistance to cope with environmental or operational challenge.
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