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Do you know what activated carbon non-woven fabric is like? 2020-09-01
Do you know what activated carbon non-woven fabric is like?

Activated carbon non-woven fabric is a rubber-carbon mixture made of activated carbon and binder in a certain ratio, and then the coke mixture is applied to the non-woven fabric according to a certain process, and the activated carbon non-woven fabric is obtained after drying at a certain temperature. It can not only absorb moisture, but also absorb various toxic, harmful and odorous gases. It can also be made into dust and gas masks, sanitary napkins, filters, deodorizers, deodorant insoles, diapers for children and adults, and packaging materials. It has good application prospects. In the development of activated carbon non-woven fabrics, the appropriate choice of activated carbon, adhesives and non-woven fabrics is the key. It should not only require the adhesive to have good bonding ability, but also require the use of activated carbon and adhesives. When forming a gelled carbon mixture, the less the influence of the binder on the adsorption performance of activated carbon, the better. In order to combine the characteristics of activated carbon and non-woven fabrics, an activated carbon non-woven fabric that has both high-efficiency adsorption performance of activated carbon and excellent filtering effect of non-woven fabric is prepared.

For activated carbon non-woven fabrics to have better adsorption performance, not only the amount of activated carbon loaded on the carrier, but also the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon itself. In order for the activated carbon to be uniformly distributed on the carrier, the choice of the particle size of the activated carbon is very important. Although the particle size of activated carbon is smaller, it is beneficial to its uniform distribution, but the particles are too large, and the particles are prone to agglomeration between ultrafine particles, which increases the particle size, which affects the dispersion effect, and then affects the uniformity of its distribution and adsorption capacity . Therefore, after many experiments, the particle size range of activated carbon particles is selected to be 48μm-71μm.
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