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Do you know the process of sms non woven fabrics? 2020-09-29

At present, the main processes for manufacturing sms non woven fabrics include "one-step method", "two-step method", and "one-step and half method", three methods:

One step

This process is characterized by the use of raw material slices, spunbond and meltblown processes, and the raw materials are directly melted and then spun into a web. As long as the spinning system engineering of different processes is reasonably arranged, the products can have different Structure, after each layer of fiber web is laminated and composited, it is generally consolidated into a cloth with a hot rolling mill. The characteristic of "one-step method" is that the melt is directly spun into a web, the state of each spinning system can be adjusted independently, the production process is highly controllable, the sanitary conditions are good, the running speed is high, and the ratio of each layer of the web can be adjusted at will , It can produce sms non-woven fabrics of various specifications, which is the mainstream technology today.

Two-step method

When using the two-step method to produce sms non woven fabrics, in a certain order, the finished spunbond fabric and the meltblown fabric are unrolled, laminated in order, and then consolidated by a hot rolling mill to form an SMS product. The "two-step method" is characterized by simple equipment and low cost. In fact, the "two-step" process is a widely used laminated composite technology. It can also composite other materials, use different other materials, and use different methods, such as ultrasonic, hot melt adhesive, etc. to consolidate the three layers of materials together.

One step and a half

In the two-step method, the melt-blown layer fiber web produced on site can also be substituted for the melt-blown cloth product, thereby deriving the so-called "one-step and half method" composite process. Two unwinding devices use the spunbond fabric as the bottom layer and the surface layer. The meltblown fiber web of the middle layer is spun into a web by the meltblown system directly, laid on the spunbond fabric surface of the bottom layer, and then covered with the upper layer. Sticky cloth, it is best to use a hot rolling mill to fix.

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