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Do you know the advantages of graphene nonwoven fabric? 2020-06-16

1. Antibacterial and antibacterial function

The unique two-dimensional structure of the mineral graphene makes it possible to have a strong dispersion interaction with the phospholipid molecules on the bacterial cell membrane. When the graphene contacts the bacterial cell membrane, it can induce the phospholipid molecules on the cell membrane to detach from the cell and climb up. The surface of the material graphene, thereby realizing the large-scale direct extraction of the phospholipid molecules on the cell membrane by the graphene, thereby destroying the cell membrane of the bacteria, and killing the bacteria through physical action.

2. Far infrared function

Graphene far-infrared function can absorb far-red light with a wavelength of 6-14 microns at a low temperature of 20-35 degrees, with a absorption rate of more than 88%, which helps accelerate the skin surface temperature, dilate capillaries, and improve the body's microcirculation .

It can be used in medical protective equipment-protective clothing, surgical clothing, medical masks, hats, etc.

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