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Do you know that PP non woven fabrics are widely used in agricultural production? 2020-10-20

We know that non woven fabrics are widely used in life.

For example, the well-known non woven bags, diapers, disposable masks. But do you still know that non woven fabrics can prevent cold in agriculture?

If there is such an effect, you will definitely ask: Is the effect of cold cloth better than ordinary plastic film? Are there any specification restrictions? Is the cloth expensive? Can it really be covered without a shelf? where can buy this?

PP non woven fabric is a new type of cold-proof covering cloth, which can replace the traditional Dapeng film, is cold-proof and breathable, does not burn fruits and tips, has uniform coloring, and looks good! The important point is that no fruit stand is needed, which reduces costs and manpower, and is simple and convenient!

PP non woven fabric can not only effectively prevent freezing damage, but also can prevent burning fruit from burning leaves and increase the color of the fruit. Some farmers are already using it and have won unanimous praise, and are deeply loved by farmers.

Characteristics of PP non woven fabric:

1. Ventilation and ventilation, no water seepage, anti-frost, snow and freezing rain, natural ventilation in the shed under high temperature.

2. After covering, the temperature and humidity in the shed can be kept relatively stable and natural adjustment.

3. Farmers are highly mobile, and they can change the cold-proof cloth ahead of time to solve various problems caused by the intensive labor of traditional plastic films such as cold air and extreme weather.

4. Good ventilation, no need to build a shelf, saving materials, saving time and labor, and reducing input costs. Reduce the chance of internal icing under low temperature conditions, and greatly guarantee product quality in low temperature areas.

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