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Can sms nonwovens replace meltblown nonwovens? 2020-09-15

During the epidemic, masks are essential daily necessities for the broad masses of people. This has led to a huge increase in the demand for masks. Melt-blown non woven fabric is one of the most important raw materials when processing these masks. During the epidemic, it once caused the price of melt-blown non woven fabric and the shortage of materials. Under such circumstances, some people have proposed whether sms non woven fabrics can replace melt-blown non woven fabrics. How to find alternatives, then the current shortage of resources can be greatly eased.

The answer is no. Let's explain the two types of non woven fabrics and why they cannot be replaced.

The melt-blown non woven fabric used in the mask and the sms non woven fabric are very different. The mask is made of two independent spunbond fabrics with a separate meltblown fabric in the middle, but sms refers to the production of two spunbond nozzles, S nozzles, and a meltblown nozzle between M nozzles. A kind of non woven fabric, called sms non woven fabric in the industry. Its composition is a meltblown layer sandwiched between two spunbond layers. Pay attention to the difference between cloth and layer. Masks use melt blown cloth at least 20 grams/flat, while the SMS melt blown layer is only a few grams/flat in SMS cloth. Therefore, the most important performance of masks, the filtering efficiency of SMS cloth is far from reach. of. It is even more layman to say that SMMMS may be better. More M only means that there are more M nozzles in production. The meltblown layer in the actual SMS cloth is still a few grams/flat. M more is just because of meltblown. The production efficiency is low, and more M heads are configured to increase the production speed and the number of melt blown layers

Therefore, for the sake of the safety of the people, the processing of these anti-epidemic items such as masks should still be used in strict accordance with the relevant regulations.

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