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Why did many diapers stop?
Jun , 22 2020
Price hikes, purchase restrictions, suspension of recruitment agents...Raw prices of raw materials trigger a chain effect

"The diaper sanitary napkin industry is completely messed up. The hot air cloth went to open the KN95 maskhot air cotton. The side cloth has already been opened to meltblown cloth. It can't be bought at all. Spunbond is not to mention the inner and outer masks and the non-woven protective clothing. Cloths and breathable membranes have also been opened for protective clothing. The price of masks and protective clothing materials is one day a day. This year's health product industry is too difficult!" The passage recently circulating in the health product circle quickly brushed the screen, causing heated discussions in the industry.

The price increase of diapers has become an indisputable fact, and price adjustment notices are flying all over the place, and there is a "rising" sound. Regarding the reasons for the price increase, an important aspect unanimously mentioned by the major companies is that the price of raw materials has been greatly increased due to the global epidemic and has continued to increase. Everything has just begun. No one can predict when the epidemic will end. The longer the time, the greater the impact on the industry. Large manufacturers with stable raw material supply and sufficient reserves can still support it for some time. How will small and medium manufacturers and OEM brands survive the winter? For stores and agents, there are fewer promotional full sales activities, prices have risen, and no goods are available... A series of problems have .

Under the influence of the epidemic, this year's raw material market can no longer be described as "crazy".

The paper market rose sharply in February and fell sharply in March, and has continued to rise since April. The ups and downs in prices have panicked both large and small manufacturers.

Similarly, the price of non-woven fabrics is also twists and turns. In the early days of the outbreak of domestic outbreaks, prices rose rapidly. As the outbreak was brought under control and resumed, prices dropped and now it is rebounding again. Small factories can't bear it, so they stop production. If big factories can accept it, the price of diapers must be increased. It can also reflect the current chaos in this market to a certain extent.

The main reason for the price increase of domestic nonwovens and other raw materials is

1. A large number of enterprises in the automobile, textile and other industries converted to masks, and diaper manufacturers added mask production lines. Manufacturers who originally produced non-woven fabrics for baby diapers changed their production plans to produceraw materials for masksand protective clothing.

2. Hoarding goods, the epidemic situation continues to spread, hoarding goods is a major factor in rising prices. A company producing polypropylene said that the price increase was mainly caused by speculation, and many people who were not in this industry were hoarding goods and participating in market transactions.

3. Many countries have begun to accept Chinese masks andprotective clothing materials. Export orders have skyrocketed, and foreign markets are in short supply.

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