Melt-blown Non Woven Fabric
What other applications of meltblown non woven fabrics as filter materials?
Dec , 17 2020
Melt-blown non woven fabric, with 100% PP polypropylene as the main material, the fiber diameter can reach 1~5 microns, and its unique capillary structure superfine fiber increases the number of fibers per unit area and surface area, so that the melt-blown fabric has a good The filtering, shielding, insulation and oil absorption. Do you know where to use meltblown nonwovens?

Meltblown Nonwoven Filtering Material For Mask

1. Mask : Meltblown Nonwoven Filtering Material For Mask
Meltblown non woven fabrics are mainly used for isolation and filter masks. Due to the special manufacturing process of spraying non woven fabrics, it can effectively prevent dust, bacteria and viruses from invading the human body, reduce various infections, and effectively protect human health.
Different grades of meltblown filter cloth are suitable for disposable masks, protective masks and mask filters.

2. Air filtration
Filtration is a separation process. The physical properties of pores and pores determine that the solid barrier is good, that is, the filtration performance is good. If you have electret treatment to increase the electrostatic performance, you can also increase the filtering effect.
Meltblown non woven fabric is suitable for indoor air-conditioning filter materials, filter materials, etc.

3. Oil-absorbing wipes
Meltblown non woven fabric is a natural oil-absorbing material. Its main material is PP. PP hardly contains water but has good oil absorption, while air-jet fabric has the characteristics of high air filtration and large specific surface area.
After the hydrophilic treatment, the melt sprayed non woven fabric can become an oil-absorbing wipe.

4. Oil-absorbing cotton
Meltblown nonwovens have good oil absorption properties, and their strong adsorption can be used to absorb oil, such as marine oil spill accidents, oil spills from factory equipment, and sewage treatment.
Oil-absorbing cotton is also called absorbent cotton, absorbent cotton for industrial use.
The manufacturing process of oil-absorbing cotton is to first obtain meltblown non woven fabric, and then make various forms of finished products. Such as: absorbent felt, absorbent pillow and so on.

5. Insulation
The inherent properties of meltblown non-woven fabrics, such as thinness, softness, warmth, good air permeability, and other excellent characteristics, these characteristics also make it used for clothing accessories.

The above is the application of meltblown non woven fabrics. In addition to knowing what purpose it is used for, the level of understanding of meltblown non woven fabrics is also different. If you have other questions about meltblown non woven fabrics, please consult us directly.

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