Elastic Non Woven Fabric
What material is the elastic non woven fabric for masks |
Jan , 07 2021
Elastic non woven fabric is a non woven fabric that can be stretched horizontally and vertically, and has elasticity. It is elastic because of the addition of elastic masterbatch. The elastic non woven fabric is made of PP medical-grade materials, without adding any recycled materials and recycled materials. The elastic non woven fabric has a soft texture, environmental protection, non-toxic, breathable, and natural antibacterial characteristics.

It is widely used in eye masks, suspenders, antipyretic stickers, fitness belts, slimming belts, beauty headgear, hair wraps, earmuffs, knee pads, elastic bandages, baby diapers and adult incontinence pants waist circumference.

Not only that, the elastic non woven fabric is also used to make mask ear ropes. The elastic non woven ear cords fit the face more closely, and the mask is very convenient and comfortable to wear.

Elastic Non Woven Fabric For Earloop Face Mask

Width of elastic cloth for adult mask specifications: 11cm

Elastic cloth width for children's mask specifications: 9.5cm

In addition, full elastic non woven fabric is used to make mask ear hooks. The so-called full elastic means that it has elasticity when stretched horizontally and stretched vertically. The non woven fabric has good resilience after being stretched, so that the mask earhooks made by this way do not strangle the ears when worn. The elastic non woven fabric can also be made into a single stretch (as the name implies, one-way stretch is elastic).

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