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What are the advantages of SSS non woven fabrics?
Sep , 14 2020

SSS non woven fabric is also called non woven fabric, which is composed of oriented or random fibers. SSS non woven fabric has many advantages such as moisture-proof, flexible, light weight, breathable, non-combustible, five poisonous and non-irritating, rich in color, low in price, easy to decompose, and recyclable. In particular, it can be decomposed. As a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, SSS non woven fabrics are easily decomposed naturally when placed outdoors. SSS non woven fabric is also very strong and durable. When used indoors, its service life is as long as five years. In addition, it is not as pungent as plastic when it burns, and it is harmful to the environment. SSS non woven fabric is non-toxic and tasteless when burned, and does not contain any leftover harmful substances that will pollute the environment. It is internationally recognized as an environmentally friendly product that protects the earth's ecological environment.

SSS non woven fabric

Although SSS non woven fabric is called cloth, it is a non woven fabric. It is called cloth because of its appearance and characteristics. SSS non woven fabric is a non woven fabric formed by directly using polymer chips, short fibers or filaments to form fibers through airflow or mechanical construction, and then through spunlacing, needle punching, or hot rolling reinforcement, and finally finishing. Compared with ordinary fabrics, SSS non woven fabrics have the advantage of not producing fiber debris and are more durable. SSS non woven fabrics also have a little cotton feel, but compared with cotton fabrics, SSS non woven fabrics are not only easier to shape, but also cheaper.

The fibers used to produce SSS non-woven fabrics are mainly composed of polypropylene. The molecular chain of polypropylene is unstable and breaks easily. Therefore, SSS non-woven fabrics are easier to decompose. SSS non woven fabric will not pollute the environment whether it is used or discarded, which is one of its popular advantages.

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