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How to use non woven fabrics in flowers |
Dec , 10 2020
With the rapid development of flower output value in my country, the scientific modernization of the flower market is the future development direction. Plastic greenhouses and greenhouses are the two basic conditions and facilities that are indispensable in the development of flower modernization. But these two methods have their own different advantages and disadvantages. First of all, plastic greenhouses are simple to create, easy to select materials, and low in investment, but they are simple to set up and have poor thermal insulation effects. The greenhouse heat preservation effect is better, but the cost is expensive and the investment is large. The average flower investor cannot afford it. The emergence of non-woven fabrics just solved this problem. First of all, the non woven fabric functions to form a two-layer insulation layer inside the plastic greenhouse, and the use of the non woven fabric can change the temperature, humidity and light intensity in the greenhouse. Therefore, it is only necessary to clarify the ecological environment reached in the shed. Then according to different external environmental factors at different times. Use non woven fabrics in the shed to change various environmental factors in the shed, so as to adapt measures to local conditions and time. Ensure that the external environment does not affect the environment in the shed. Let the flower will always be produced in a more suitable environment, so as to achieve the purpose of high yield. Below we will introduce how non woven fabrics are used in flowers.

Agriculture Greenhouse Ground Cover

1. Temperature. The day and night temperature in the open field is higher, and the temperature difference between day and night in the greenhouse is small. This is their difference. Flowers must be cultivated in a good growing environment, so its environmental temperature is very important.

2. Light. The use of non woven fabrics is especially important for positive and long-day flowers such as rose, carnation, gypsophila, and gladiolus. On the premise of favorable heat preservation, the cold-proof cover should be exposed as early as possible and late to extend the exposure time. To improve the lighting conditions in the shed, the first step is to improve the lighting conditions and artificial lighting.

Cover the shed with non woven fabrics, use a geothermal wire to increase the soil temperature, and increase the temperature in the shed with coal-burning stoves. In order to reduce heat loss as much as possible in winter and increase the temperature and temperature, the plastic film of the greenhouse should be covered as tightly as possible. The temperature control of the greenhouse is mainly carried out through ventilation and heating.

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