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How to increase the thickness of hot air non woven fabric?
Oct , 22 2020
Hot-air non woven fabric is a kind of dry heat-bonded non woven fabric, which is formed by using hot air on drying equipment to penetrate the fiber web after the fibers are carded into a web, so that it is heated and bonded. Hot air non woven products have the characteristics of high bulkiness, soft feel, good dryness, and good air permeability. It is a thin product made with composite fibers. The gap between the fibers is large. When used, the liquid can quickly penetrate through the fiber gap to absorb Therefore, it is widely used in disposable products, such as baby diapers, adult incontinence pads, feminine hygiene products, and napkins, bath towels, disposable tablecloths, etc.; thick products are used to make cold-proof clothing, bedding, baby sleeping bags, Mattresses, sofa cushions, etc. High-density hot air non woven products can be used to make filter materials, sound insulation materials, shock absorption materials, etc. Compared with spunbonded non woven fabrics and hot-rolled non woven fabrics, hot-air non woven fabrics are thicker, and it is more difficult for liquid to penetrate back to the surface after passing through the surface material. Therefore, the use of hot-air non woven fabrics as the surface layer of sanitary products will be more dry and comfortable.

hot air non woven fabric

The application of hot-air non woven fabrics to the surface layer of sanitary products has been led by the Japanese and Korean markets in the past two years. Because of its excellent performance, the scale of hot-air non-woven fabrics is rapidly expanding. The research is also going deeper. With the continuous expansion of the domestic personal hygiene products market, the consumption of hot air non woven fabrics in personal hygiene products is on the rise, and the prospects are very promising. Well-known sanitary product manufacturers at home and abroad conducted a comparative analysis of hot-air non woven fabrics and found that the larger the thickness and the better the bulkiness of non woven fabrics, the better the liquid penetration and back-seepage properties, and the drier and more comfortable. In order to increase the thickness of nonwoven fabric manufacturers, most of them improve the selection and ratio of fibers, the adjustment of the carding process, and the adjustment of the hot air process. However, due to many factors affecting the thickness of nonwovens, and the production capacity is tight, Therefore, the improvement of the thickness is not ideal.
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