Non Woven Bag
How to decide whether the non woven bag is qualified?
Nov , 20 2019
Nonwoven tote bag For those who need a small amount of individual needs, we recommend going directly to the general physical store to buy. For the large demand fornon woven handbags, we must tell you that mass customization is the most cost-effective. As we all know, the current trading market is to reduce the number of middlemen and let buyers directly from the production and processing of the agreed system. Manufacturers have also grasped the pain point of the market. At the same time, with the advantages of the Internet, buyers and sellers have been closer to each other. Therefore, if there is a demand for mass-customized non woven handbags, you may wish to customize it to the manufacturer. This is the best method.

The non woven bag's qualified load bearing range is that the non-woven shopping bag with a weight of about 80 grams should be greater than or equal to 20 kg, and the stitching in the portable position should be firm. Otherwise it is an unqualifiednon woven shopping bag. Of course, this only applies to the sewing process of non woven handbags.
Non woven shopping bag
And the color of thenon woven bag, the color of the cloth must be pure, there must be no color difference, and the color of the non woven fabric should be bright. In particular, customers have strict requirements on the color of non woven handbags, and they must strictly control this close color. In terms of color, it is mainly the color of printed content. Generally, the background color of the cloth will not deviate too much.

The non woven tote bag meets the printing process standard. Whether it is screen printing, film covering, thermal transfer, flexographic printing, machine printing, strong color coverage, the color of the pattern and text should be consistent, the clear overall angle has no obvious deviation, and can be hue with the cloth ratio.
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