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How much do you know about sms non woven fabric tertiary antibodies?
Dec , 24 2020
According to its performance, protective clothing can be divided into ordinary protective clothing and high-performance protective clothing.Medical protective clothing is one of the high-performance protective clothing. It is used for medical protection, blocking the production of bacteria, preventing bacterial migration, reducing cross-infection and can protective clothing for medical staff to protect them from germs and viruses during their work, and to reduce the chance of secondary infections for patients. The raw material of traditional medical protective clothing is cotton fabric. With the development of non woven technology in recent years, some scientific research units and enterprises have developed many medical protective clothing with non woven fabric as the main fabric. Non woven fabrics are widely used. In the field of medical protective clothing. Among them,SMS (spunbond-meltblown-spunbond)products not only have the inherent high abrasion resistance of the spunbond layer, but also have the higher filtration efficiency, barrier performance, particle penetration resistance, and static resistance of the middle meltblown layer. Water pressure, shielding properties and appearance uniformity are widely used in non woven medical fields.

sms non woven fabric

Medical protective clothing will generate static electricity due to friction during wearing. Therefore, medical protective clothing must have antistatic properties in addition to its barrier function. The common method is to add antistatic agents. However, the use of antistatic agents will not only increase antistatic properties, but may also affect the water repellency of medical protective clothing. This is because the water-repellent finishing is to reduce the surface tension of the SMS and reduce the absorption performance of the liquid; while the antistatic requires the surface to have strong moisture absorption and moisture retention to reduce the generation of static electricity and quickly conduct static electricity to make the charge dissipate as soon as possible; The two are contradictory and opposed to each other, but in the actual application of SMS, protective equipment requires both water repellency and good antistatic effect.

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