SMS Non Woven Fabric
Do you know the implementation standard of antibacterial non woven fabric?
May , 26 2020
The medical non woven fabric material implements GB / T19633-2005 "Package of Final Sterilized Medical Devices" and other national recommended standards.

Disposable sanitary non woven materials are implemented in FZ / T 64005-2011 "thin non woven fabrics for sanitation", GB / T 8939-2008 "Sanitary Napkins (including sanitary pads)", GB / T 28004-2011 "diaper ( Film, pad) ", GB / T 28005-2011" Paper Underpants ", GB / T 27728-2011" Wet Wipes "standards, these standards include anti-microbial, air permeability, PH and other requirements.

Disposable sanitary non woven materials

Taking medical non woven fabricas a column, we need to check the quality in these aspects:

1.Medical non woven products must be antibacterial, hydrophobic, breathable, and free of debris, and are used for the final packaging of antibacterial articles, one-time use, without cleaning.

2.Medical non woven productsmust meet the standards.

3. Pay special attention to the expiration date of medical non woven fabrics. Sterile items packaged in medical non woven fabrics should be valid for 180 days and are not affected by sterilization methods.

4. The antibacterial packaging for medical non woven fabric should be 50g / m2 plus or minus 5g.  

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