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Do you know the common products that use more hydrophilic non woven fabrics?
Nov , 19 2020

Hydrophilic non woven fabrics are added with hydrophilic agents to make the non woven fabrics have a certain hydrophilic (water absorption) effect, so they have been widely used. It is currently one of the most widely used non woven fabric categories.

Next, we will introduce four commonly used hydrophilic non woven fabric products.

Hydrophilic Non Woven Fabric For 3 Ply Medical Mask

1. Infant diapers

The upper and lower surfaces of the diaper-absorbent layer for infants and young children are made of hydrophilic non woven fabrics, so that the diaper-absorbent surface has cloth-like softness and good water absorption effect.

2. Adult diapers

The role of hydrophilic non woven fabric in adult diapers is basically the same as that of infant diapers. In comparison, the requirements for making hydrophilic non woven fabrics in adult diapers are lower than those in infants’ diapers. .

3. Disposable face mask

For better quality masks, a hydrophilic non woven fabric layer will be built in the inner layer of the mask to absorb the water vapor exhaled from the mouth. The more intuitive effect is that in winter, we often see that some friends who wear glasses will form a layer of white water vapor on the glasses when they wear masks, which greatly affects the line of sight. This is because there is no hydrophilic non woven fabric in the mask.

4. Pet changing pad

The changing pads that are generally used to prevent pets from urinating and defecate at any place are also made of hydrophilic non woven fabric. This kind of hydrophilic non woven fabric is relatively simple to manufacture, and the standard is relatively low, mainly highlighting its hydrophilic function.

The above is a summary of the main uses of hydrophilic non woven fabrics we have compiled, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone's understanding.

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