Agricultural Non Woven Cover
Do you know the application of agricultural non woven fabrics in vegetable production in winter and spring?
Oct , 15 2020
The physical properties of agricultural non woven fabrics have light permeability, heat preservation, moisture retention and comprehensive cold protection capabilities. Non woven fabrics are used to cover cultivation of overwintering Chinese cabbage, lettuce, spinach and netted melons in spring in the greenhouse, which can significantly promote growth, early maturity, increase the yield of overwintering leafy vegetables by 2 to 4 times, and improve the quality of commodities. The wide application prospect of spunbond cloth in vegetable production.

Non woven fabrics, as agricultural covering materials, have been in foreign countries since the 1970s. Compared with plastic films, they not only have certain light transmission and heat preservation properties, but also have the characteristics of breathability and moisture absorption. Covering vegetables grown in open or protected areas with non woven fabrics has the effects of preventing cold, frost, wind, insects, birds, drought, heat preservation, and moisture preservation. It is the realization of stable vegetable production in winter and spring. A new type of mulching cultivation technique for high-yield, high-quality cultivation and regulating supply period.

Agriculture Greenhouse Ground Cover

In my country’s ancient traditional agriculture, in winter, there is a habit of using manuscript stems to directly cover winter vegetable plants (or borders) to prevent frost and cold currents. Agricultural non woven fabrics replace straws to prevent cold and frost. This is my country’s transition from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture. Another example of transformation.

Compared with the air-impermeability of plastic agricultural film, non woven fabric has certain air permeability, so it is not necessary to uncover the cover after covering.

Ventilation, labor and effort, the size of the ventilation rate and the size of the gap between the non woven fabric, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the covering layer, and the wind speed.

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