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[ 2018-10-17 ] Do you know geosynthetics?

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As an indispensable material in the infrastructure construction process, geosynthetics can also help to cope with climate change and reduce the impact on the environment. Nowadays, the rapid development of infrastructure in most parts of Europe and Asia, as well as in the Middle East and Africa, especially the implementation of China's “One Belt, One Road” policy, has greatly increased the demand for global geotextiles.

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Geotechnical materials have the characteristics of light weight, high tensile strength, high toughness, good resistance to movement of fine particles, and water seepage along the surface of geomaterials. They are used for road bed closure and are easy to improve the stability of roadbed and prevent tumbling. The purpose of mud bed and other bed diseases, and with relatively simple construction process, can save 20%~40% of engineering investment, which is the basis of all geotechnical project materials and cost savings. The extensive application of geosynthetics in road construction projects can not only achieve high economic and social benefits, but also have a profound impact on the technological progress of the project.

With the rich and diverse geotechnical special materials, in addition to the highway, high-speed rail and other infrastructure projects continue to drive market demand, the development of landfill, industrial anti-seepage, oil exploration, ecological slope protection and other industries also provide a good development opportunity for geosynthetics. . The application prospects of geosynthetics in construction projects are also very broad, ranging from small and medium-sized water conservancy and hydropower projects to large-scale projects, to the ground/sewage collection of sponge cities, underground geogrids, fiber mesh support, underground cavern drainage, etc. field.

For example, geogrid has the advantages of high tensile strength, good stability, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. It can be widely used in roadbed reinforcement such as roadbed reinforcement and railway roadbed reinforcement, and warp-knitted geotextiles are used in new road construction and Old road repairs have played a crucial role. The composite geotextile has excellent filtering and isolation functions. It is laid between the mud layer and the gravel of the protection dike to prevent the soil layer from being mixed with the gravel, keeping the soil layer under relatively small pressure and protecting the embankment from water erosion.  Large-sized geotechnical pipes that can be formed by warp/nonwoven composite fabrics can be up to or exceeding 0.6m in diameter and up to 10m in length. Filling the pipe into the pipe can be used as a breakwater in the ocean. Protect the coastline and seabed. Due to the special structural characteristics of warp-knitted geotextiles and the wide adaptability to raw materials, its role in high strength and environmental resistance cannot be ignored.  In addition, geosynthetic materials can be used to form geotechnical bags, and the sand is installed in the geotechnical bag to form a flexible, erosion-resistant and heavy weight placed in the river embankment or river channel to fix the river embankment and protection. 

The Global Trade in Geosynthetics Trade Opportunities and Challenges report shows that in North America, the geosynthetics market is expected to continue to grow rapidly, and transportation infrastructure has become the largest market for local geosynthetics; in Europe, Western Europe has a low growth rate. In other regions, Eastern Europe will benefit from Russia's development will have faster growth; in Asia, China will become the largest contributor to the growth of geotextile market, the Indian government is also working hard to promote the development of local geotechnical materials; Middle East, Saudi Arabia Arabia has the largest market for geosynthetics, but changes in oil prices have led to fierce competition in the local market.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years, the domestic geotextile technology has made remarkable progress: high-strength, burst-resistant, friction-resistant, acid-resistant polypropylene geotextiles are widely used in high-speed rail track materials; with fiber optic sensors Intelligent geotextiles, used in airports, bridges, and highways, provide functions such as soil reinforcement, structural safety monitoring, and early warning. They are also widely regarded and praised by downstream users.

Industry experts said that the shift from quantitative growth to quality growth is an objective requirement for the development of the geosynthetics industry. The development direction of the domestic geotextile industry will focus on the following aspects: First, focus on strengthening the application and promotion of geosynthetic materials such as flame retardant high strength, intelligent antifreeze and anti-melt, multi-functional suction and drainage, high-strength anti-aging; Develop and promote the application of intelligent geosynthetics with information feedback, monitoring and early warning functions; third, expand the high-performance two-component spunbonded non-woven roof waterproofing materials, building reinforcing materials and other products in the road, railway, port, water conservancy and other foundations. The application in the construction of facilities; the fourth is to promote the development, promotion and application of geosynthetics in the fields of ecological protection, animal husbandry and island development.

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