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[ 2018-10-10 ] Linen, dust-free paper, non-woven cloth, do you know?Linen, dust-free paper, non-woven cloth, do you know?

Author : Guide Nonwoven     
For a global market, linen-free paper nonwovens are gradually entering desktop applications due to their powerful service efficiency and the random replacement of a variety of specific properties, including dust-free napkins, tablecloths, tableware packages, and catering. Sheets and other materials.

According to some air-laid nonwovens manufacturers in the United States, linen napkins are replaced at least 10% per year, making it easier to become a new target for influential mid-level restaurant chains.  For example, the market penetration rate of linen dust-free napkins in the United States is about 50%, the market share in Europe is about 20%, and there is still much room for improvement.

Wisconsin, a US linen-free paper manufacturer, uses creative conversion, and disposable tableware such as napkins produced by the Consumer Products Production Department is a specialty product in the Midwestern United States and is the most popular product for disposable desktop product applications.  The series of dust-free paper is available in the Midwest for a flat package of dust-free paper napkins ( Useful Customized Paper Napkin With Designable ), 1/8-folded dinner napkins, 1/4-folded lunch napkins, cocktail napkins and 1/6-folded guest towels. In the current application range, this series of products also has considerable advantages in transportation and color printing.

“Air-laid dust-free nonwovens can also be dyed in a variety of conditions, such as napkins, linen patterns, and decorative prints,” said Dennis Remer, president of Wisconsin's Midwest Regional Premium Sales. The linen-free paper has the characteristics of high water absorption, which allows each customer in the restaurant to use less toilet paper. From this point of view, the dust-free paper can reduce the cost while ensuring a high customer experience." 

Georgia-Pacific recently used this trend to start producing a variety of products such as linen embossed dust-free paper packaging, napkins, tableware and fried food basket lining, non-embossed dust-free paper and so on. In order to increase customer satisfaction, Georgia-Pacific has also added a pleasing aesthetic.

For the Nordic market, linen-free paper is gradually becoming the best alternative to “premium” toilet paper. Due to the rapid development of the fast food industry, in order to increase the profit of the fast food restaurant “chain”, the cleaner paper will have more opportunities to appear on the desktop.

The most extensive linen dust-free papers offered by the Swedish company Duni include “Dunilin” and other brand alternatives. Duni's textiles and bed sheets still dominate in Europe, and the application of dust-free paper in the desktop market has not yet fully opened, but Duni's dyed dust-free paper has been exported to the United States, and in Eastern Europe, Russia and the Middle East. The region has increased its goal of exporting dust-free nonwovens for use in the restaurant and food service industries, and is about to establish global Internet marketing with China's Alibaba.

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